1-1 Live Interactive

Training Sessions

Our top of the line, ultimate personalized 1-1 virtual training sessions designed to teach you everything you need to know to master FX trading on your way to become a successful trader. Personalization allows for all level of traders to benefit, from beginner to advanced.

Optimized And Tailored

To Each Individual

Customizing the education to the students needs,a seamless and easy experience making interactions and learning faster and easier.

The pace of learning is adjusted for each student, all learners have the time needed to demonstrate mastery. Learning objectives, approaches, content, and tools are tailored and optimized for each individual driven by learner interests.Students are given choice in

what, how,when, and where they learn.

Designed To Teach You Everything

You Need To Know

An A-Z, step by step guide providing the student with all the tools and resources to become a high performing trader.

Personal Mentorship

Highly individualized experience, with immediate benefit from a collaborative relationship when you need an expert on your side.

Direct access to wealth of knowledge, support and encourage you to acquire new knowledge and provide life long advice and perspective .

Full Volume Training Course Included

A perpetual online library of course curriculum with unlimited access  for when you need to go back and refresh your memory or validate your thoughts.

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Course Overview

Our curriculum provides all students with a progressive, challenging, and engaging education that follows the pathway towards success.

Recordings & Supplemental 


All sessions are recorded for review.

Homework will supplement course content and learnings through reinforcement of acquired skills.


5 weeks long, 

2 sessions a week,

1-2 hours per session.

May Spots Now Available.

Two Free Introductory

Training Course Videos