Full Volume Training Course

Full Volume Training Course


A state of the art self paced, simplistic and well structured learning formula, mastered by thousands of students, focused on teaching you everything you need to know to master FX trading on your way to become a high performing trader. Content allows for all level of traders to benefit, from beginner to advanced. Our course is always relevant. We continuously update our material to reflect ever changing market trend, movement and conditions.


This package includes:

  • Full Volume Training Course
  • 30 day access to The Exchange
  • Supplemental live weekly webinars and training sessions 
  • Access to private chatroom for students to benchmark against other traders.
  • 1200+ Member Group Chat to answer and clarify questions and materials.
  • E-Book: Rules To The Foreign Exchange Market For Small Accounts
  • Online tools and resources available 24-7.
  • Platform

    The platform used for the Full Volume Training course will be Dropbox. Dropbox is an easy to use system in which students of the course can access the education at anytime for as many times as they want!

  • Duration:

    The duration of the course is 15+ hours however as stated above, the course is the first and only course that has new constant material added to it. Because of this, there are numerous of additional hours of information pertaining to the course. 

  • Course Overview

    Fundamental Analysis

    Sentimental Analysis

    Technical Analysis

    Risk management

    Candlestick Analysis 

    Pattern Analysis

    Fibonacci Levels

    Monthly & Weekly Levels

    The Strategy

    Compounding An Account

    Formulating A Trading Strategy

    Behavioral Analysis

    Types Of Impulses

    Position Management
    Two types Of Retests
    Predicting The Stock Market Crash

    Going Full Time

    Additional Videos

Student Results

We have a down to earth and an unconventional approach.

We have our own style. 

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