Digital Mentorship

Digital Mentorship


A 5 week program in which ThatFxTrader is there daily to assist you with anything that you may need help with. This may include charting help, assisting with the understanding of market topics as well as providing videos on certain topics the client may need. In addition, customized trading plans, compounded excel spreadsheet, as well as tips, tricks and more are incorporated.
This Program Includes:

  • Personal mentorship to fine tune strategy, techincal skills and capability
  • Fundamental and Technical insight
  • Daily Communication
  • From beginner to advanced
  • Duration of the mentorship is 5 weeks long
  • Platform: Telegram
  • Duration

    The duration of the Mentorship course will be 5 weeks at a time. One the Mentorship Course comes to an end, the client can decide whether they would like to continue or not. 

  • Platform

    Throughout the 5 week Mentorship Course, ThatFxTrader uses two platforms dependent on the prefrence of the client. Communication will either be done via email or telegram.

  • Delivery Method

    Upon purchasing the 5 week mentorship course, an email will be sent with further instructions to begin the 5 week mentorship course

Student Results

We have a down to earth and an unconventional approach.

We have our own style. 

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