Forex Signals

Top Of The Line, Premium, Real-Time Signals

Always be up to date when ThatFxTrader takes a trade. 

Excellence is not a skill it's an attitude.

Take Profit & Stop Loss Provided

Every trade is attached with a take profit and stop loss to know when to close your position. 

Every trade sent comes with updates to always keep you informed of the condition of the trade.

Trade Updates 

Fundamental Updates

ThatFxTrader will always keep you up to date by sending out notifications if there is upcoming news that will effect the trade.

Where we're going, we do not need roads.

Weekly Recap Videos

At the end of every week, weekly recap videos will take place. The discussion and breakdowns of trades sent, market conditions, tips & tricks and much more will be provided. 

Attached Chart Analysis

Attached with every signal is a detailed analyzed chart of the trade showing you exactly where ThatFxTrader is entering and where price is expected to move. 

Risk Meter

The Risk Meter will allow for you to gauge the level of risk the trade has associated to it and based on your performance throughout the week, you can take the ones you deem most appropriate. 

Client Support

Support at your finger tips. Need help? Contact us directly with any questions you may have. 

Price Action Trading

Frequently asked questions

When will signals be sent?

Signals are sent during the three main trading sessions: London, New York, & Asian. There is no exact time the signals are sent. Majority of signals are sent during the London session (1 AM EST-11 AM EST) and New York session (9 AM EST-5PM EST).

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes you can! Simply contact us with your name and email that you used during payment at the following options below:

WhatsApp: +1(201)-783-3402

How many signals will be sent per day/week?

The amount of signals sent is based on market conditions.

How many pips are you looking to gain?

The amount of pips gained is based on market conditions.

How do I join once I subscribe?

Once the payment is made, instructions via email will be sent. All details pertaining to joining the group will be supplied in the email. If you do not receive the email, please contact us at the following options down below:

WhatsApp: +1(201)-783-3402

How much is the subscription?

The subscription is a monthly payment of $49.99 USD per month.

Can I see your most recent trades?

Yes you can! Attached down below will be a link with the most recent trades taken:
Most Recent Trades:

What If I need help?

Not to worry! You can contact us directly using the options below:
WhatsApp: +1(201)-783-3402

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We have a down to earth and an unconventional approach.

We have our own style. 

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