Respect The Journey

Hello everybody! Technicaltrader123 here! At first thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to just read about what I would like to talk about.

What I would like to talk about is : Respect the journey of trading. Why I want to talk about this concept? The reason why I want to talk about it is that I see so many people not respecting the game, and when you don’t have respect for the game, you will never be able to earn consistent income out of the game. And to get respect for the game, you have to have respect for the journey.

A kid grows up learning to crawl first, then he/she falls a couple times and learns to walk. After people can walk they are able to start running learning how to ride a bike, getting their drivers license and so forth.It’s the same exact thing with trading. I’ve found out that once you respect the journey of being a Trader your progress will go much more faster then the average trader who is thinking wrongly in my personal opinion.

See to be profitable and earn money within this game you have to have a proper understanding within the market. This understanding comes by following a good education and by gaining experience by trial and error. After the experience is gained and the understanding is there you will be caught within an emotional rollercoaster with the execution of it. After you master this and you are able to become a winner by executing properly you will be set for the last and final difficult phase of the trading game: staying a winner. See this may sound corny and all but Trading could actually become the same as brushing your teeth every single day when you wake up(for those who don’t brush start do it!).So I’ve heard so many stories that traders make a big trade, win and then go all-in, lose everything and never come back to this what is in my personal opinion the biggest chance you will get in your life. The person reading this, is mentally already within the top 10-20% of the world. He/she is interested within a financial sector within which the ‘potential’ income is virtually limitless.

So if you are already within the top 10-20% of the world, tell me why you feel the need to ‘rush’ things? You are already ahead of everybody else. You really want to be the guy or girl who can say: Hey I was in Forex, but I haven’t nailed it just because you rushed things while actually when you take it slow, it could be the the game changer of your whole life.What I mean by taking it slow? Understanding that you are on your OWN journey and regardless of where everybody else is at. It’s your journey and your journey alone. Trading comes to you into phases. Once you respect these phases and understand that it comes into phases you respect the journey. Once you respect the journey you respect the game. Once you respect the game, the game will respect you back.

See the thing is, understand that it’s not your fault. It’s just the society we live in. At the moment we have to be some kind of master juggler, being able to juggle work,relationship,friends,ambition,family,dreams,vacation,obligations all at once. Tell me how many people are not multitasking at the moment (probably if your reading this on your phone at some point you received a notification of something which means your actually not only reading but doing something else as well). See the society as of right now demands of you that you are able to do multiple things at the same time.

So explain to me how a starting trader should be able to chart well, understands the game, manages risk, executes well, holds trades, becomes a winner, stays a winner, compounds his account and be financially free all at once while he/she is just starting out?Society demands this Idea of you and I am here to say that you should step out of this, cause once you master this craft, you master life. Cause you are able to seperate yourself from the average thinking and do it exactly how you suppose to do it.

Want to have my personal advice? Start Learning & understanding the market, NAIL IT Start charting, don’t trade. NAIL IT Once nailed start learning how to manage risk and how risk works NAIL IT Once nailed start executing trades and learn how to hold and become a WINNER Once nailed start repeating this succesfull cycle and STAY A WINNER. Then start Compounding

He/she who trys to master everything at once, will end up being a master of nothing.

Respect the journey, Respect the game.

-The Technical Trader123 ____ Instagram: @thetechnicaltrader123

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