Why Traders Are Impatient

Since I have started learning about the forex market from ThatFxTrader, I have noticed that one of the key elements that is highly important to keep in mind when you are trading is patience. Every day is not a trading day, and this is the main reason why a lot of traders do not open proper trading positions. I believe that there are two common reasons why young traders are impatient: Instagram & Instant Money. It may sound weird that I am mentioning Instagram, but I will explain my reason. Most young forex traders are engaged a lot on Instagram & follow a lot of Instagram pages that provide a lot of information about the Forex Market. Those Instagram pages show every day different types of profit (and in rare cases, any loss) in which those young traders think that those people make money every single day (which isn't always true). By following these pages & thinking that is possible to make profit every day, expectations are created in which young traders open positions that aren't confirmed trades in hopes of receiving the same expectations ultimately creating bad habits within their strategy and a negative approach to the market. Trading is a game of patience. Therefore, to all the young traders, please keep in mind that not every day is a trading day. Professional trader's don't trade every single day. And PLEASE don’t be obsessed with other pages that show profits. I personally consider those pages as a distraction to my daily analysis. That’s why I believe that every young trader should simply stay focused to his or her strategy, read, and back test as much as you can. Consider following other pages on instagram or other social media platforms that show analysis rather than profits. You'll benefit much more, trust me!

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