Have you been studying and trading for more than 6 months, 12months, 18 months and you’re still not a consistent profitable trader?

Have you demo traded and backtested for hours on end?

Have you been following and keeping up with the top Instagram FX traders and their MT4 screenshots and trying to replicate them?

Have you signed up and purchased multiple “Mentor/Education” courses?

Have you joined multiple telegram channels and trading group chats?

Have you experienced a couple winning trades only to then be followed by a string of losses?

Have you found yourself wondering, “What is it that I’m not that getting that everyone else is?”

If you’ve answered YES to one, two or ALL of the above questions…Congratulations!

Why am I congratulating you? I’ll tell you why:

-You’ve done the very hard task of being completely honest with yourself. It’s only when we recognize our weaknesses and failures that we can then work on turning them into our strengths and successes. -You haven’t quit. If you’re here reading this blog that means you are still hungry and searching for the answers in this game of FX trading. Sure, things may not be working as smoothly as you want right now, but as long as you’ve still got that hunger and desire then you’re giving yourself a fighting chance. -You and I have traveled (and are traveling) the same path. We have common ground. I’ve been where you are now, very recently. Hopefully what I have to say resonates with you and can help set some things straight to turn 2019 into a groundbreaking year.

Let me start by telling you that I was one of the first people to sign up and buy ThatFxTrader’s Full Volume course back when it was released in October 2017. In fact, I remember waiting for all the videos to finally be uploaded to the dropbox file! I was ecstatic and over the moon to watch the course and learn everything from Albert. Finally, I thought I had the roadmap to success (I did, but I didn’t realize it at the time…more on that later). I went through and watched all the videos and took my notes and got on the live training calls. My confidence was through the roof. In the span of two weeks I thought I was ready to be a pro trader and 2018 was the year for me to go full time!

As 2018 started, I had been a “student” of TFXT for three months. I put the word student in quotation marks, because I thought that just by watching the full volume course I had learned everything I needed to. I had been demo trading the system with varied results. If you asked what those results were, I couldn’t tell you. I didn’t journal my trades…Mistake #1. Also, the system relied on waiting for price action to fully develop and I wasn’t being patient enough…Mistake #2. Plus I got caught up in seeing all these other people and trading guru mentors and their students doubling and tripling their accounts everyday…Mistake #3.

In short, I pretty much spent the majority of 2018 like a chicken with its head cut off. My end goal was to make money. This in itself took my focus away from the actual skill and craft of trading. I wanted results and I wanted them now. I was desperate. And the desperation showed. I was system hopping, mentor hopping, in & out of trades all the while just losing money day by day.

Enough was enough.

It was September now and I felt that I pretty much had nothing to show for the past nine months. It was clear that something wasn’t working and a change needed to be made.

I needed to reset my mind and rediscover what I really wanted from trading and how I was going about achieving that. In my mind I was saying all the right things from wanting to be low risk trader, make small gains consistently, be strict on money management, wait for the proper setups, trade the system and follow the rules. But in reality I wasn’t practicing any of these things I was preaching to myself. The biggest reason is because it is human nature to tell lies to ourselves, to procrastinate, to make excuses and to not hold ourselves accountable. At this same exact time I was fortunate to have a great chat with an excellent trader and friend Kevin, you all may know him better as TechnicalTrader123. Kevin and I had an honest talk where he gave me the tough love that I needed. The formula and recipe was right in front of me. Go back through the Full Volume Course and watch the training videos. And then watch them again. And then watch them again. And then watch them again. After that, go back and watch them again! This was my A-HA moment where the light bulb clicked on. How could I expect results when I wasn’t putting in the work? I needed to not only learn the trading system, but also ingrain it into my conscience. I also decided to take it one step further and commit myself to doing the deep dive 5 week One-on-One sessions with ThatFXTrader himself.

The five-week boot camp was exactly what I needed. With Albert’s help, I was able to take the trading system, and apply it to my personal style of trading and more important my own personal degree of risk/reward management. I also was finally able to log and record data from all the trades I was taking and could clearly see where I was failing and where I was getting better and succeeding. In short, this gave me the confidence boost that I needed not just in myself but more so in the system itself. IT WORKS. Truly, the only thing standing in your way is yourself.

It’s been a long 2018 year, but a good one. One where I’ve endured a lot of pain and setback but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If there is anything I hope you all take away from this it’s that you have to have faith. But it can’t be just blind faith. Get focused, learn your system, log and track your data, and make those tiny adjustments and improvements.

And one more thing….

You are not alone!

There is a great team of leaders and community here, one that I’m very proud to be a part of. We’re all in the same boat, pushing to the same destination. Whatever you’re going through now, I guarantee someone else has been through it.

Any way I can help, shoot me a message on Telegram or Instagram @fahadsiddiqi


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