You Are What You Think About ALL DAY LONG

Good day everybody! Before we start, let me introduce myself.

My name is Jayson Javier, also known as "tfxtapprentice". I am from the northern region of the Philippines. I just turned 25 and

I am a part-time Forex Trader.

First off, I'm here to share about my story and hope to inspire most of you who want to become forex traders as well. The only reason I want to share is because I believe a lot of starting out traders might have a similar circumstance to mine and may relate to what I have been through. Most of all, I want to help people understand that anything can be achieved if you work hard for it.

So, let's get to it!

For more than 3 years, I was working as an Online English Teacher.

But during those times,

I used to think and imagine about being a Forex Trader every single day.

I'd come across a quote that said "You are what you think about all day long".

So I would tell myself "I am a trader! I am a trader! I am a trader!"

What comes next is me carefully planning out in my mind, the steps on how to attain that goal of being a trader.

Every time I wake up, go through the day and when I end up in bed, I would imagine how life would be as a forex trader.

The benefits? The financial freedom? My imagination was endless.

So, how'd I get to know about forex? To be exact, it was about 3 years ago. I'd come across a cousin of mine who was from Canada. My cousin was on vacation and he told me he'd just quit from his recent job and was now learning to be a Forex Trader. Curiously I asked what that was, in my knowledge then I thought it was part of the Stock Market Industry. But it was something similar and entirely different at the same time.

Amazed by the forex industry, I set out my own journey towards this path. I was introduced to many forex schools, brokers, signal providers, trading indicator programs, etc. But I could never find any that was a good fit.

I attended forex webinars that were so bad, I end up confused every time the sessions ended. There were some "okay" webinars but all they ever talked about there were basic knowledge that one can find even on the internet.

I was searching for more than the basics.

I was looking for the proper application of trading methods,

how to handle setbacks and the overall trading experience from a seasoned trader.

I had asked help from a lot of people but most would tell me to just find a mentor on a famous forex education website.

Those forex schools were obnoxiously expensive and had a subscription fee that was even more so. Signal providers seemed so shady with all the "luxury living" posts. I was about to give up and thought about learning on my own. Until the day I met ThatFXTrader, little did I know that meeting him would change my life.

My interest was piqued when I saw his IG stories.This was about early 2017.

They were about his student's results and their satisfaction towards his

Group Chat, Setups and Signals service then.

I checked his profile and all I could see were the contentment of all the people that was in his group. I said to myself "this is too good to be true".

I inquired TFXT on how much it would cost to be part of his group. He told me "$50". A mere $50 right?

But these $50 was so hard for me to save up for.

I come from a country where $50 is still a big amount and my circumstances made it even harder for me to get this money.

To be perfectly honest, it took me about 3 months to save up for that amount.

Although I was nervous at first, I took that leap of faith and trusted ThatFXTrader. What happened next, you ask? Well, you can check the student testimonials on the website for that. :)

I told myself I was now on the right path! But this was actually only the beginning. A newbie trader will eventually blow-up their account or get close to blowing it entirely if not following the proper steps of trading, as did I.

There was still so much more to learn about the forex industry.

I could not afford going through the same mistakes over and over again.

After talking to people on the TFXT Group Chat, many suggested in me trying the mentorship program. I hesitated at first but then I thought... "I need more knowledge! I want more knowledge!" So, I contacted TFXT once again and inquired on his mentorship program. It was more expensive compared to the trio service but I was determined.

So I did my best, I grinded and hustled so hard. To be even more motivated, I was envisioning myself as a full-time Forex Trader. Putting my sights on that goal made me push myself more. And once I was ready, we had the 1 on 1 sessions.

The sessions were mind blowing.

I learned so much more from one person in one session compared to all the things I currently knew then. I had developed an appropriate mindset in being a forex trader. Now, the techniques and methods that were passed down to me are being put to good use. Being able to see the charts and markets at a different but simple perspective.

What everyone who enters this industry need to understand is that Forex is not a

get-rich-quick scheme.

Success in Forex is not attained through emotion and expectation.

But through hardwork and discipline.

It isn't about the money, the material things, or the lifestyle. It is about the process! Everyone starts from zero.

But with the proper guidance, tools and mindset,

one can achieve anything he or she wants to be.

I am truly grateful in meeting Albert (ThatFXTrader).

He gave me reason not to give up on this path that I have chosen.

He showed me a different view on Forex and life as well.

All the things that I attained now would not have been possible without him.

We all want to be good at something.

The question is...

Are you willing to put in the hours of work for it?

Thank you for reading about my story up until the end. But let me tell you, this is not the end. There is still so much more to learn. I encourage you to take that leap of faith as well and push yourself to acquire more knowledge!

I will be sharing more of my journey to all you fellow legends.

This blog article will be the start of the many things I have in store for you.

Stay tuned for more content!

Follow me on Instagram or send me a message on Telegram if you ever need anything @tfxtapprentice. Thank you again and have a great trading day!

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