Patience, Persistence and Perspiration Make an Unbeatable Combination for Success.

This quote by Napoleon Hill really hits me hard.

I have been patient for 3 years ever since I have entered the forex industry.

I had little time to pursue my dreams. I had a full-time job and even becoming a part-time trader was difficult for me throughout those years.

As I had no time to spare for learning the forex industry, the results were disastrous. I have blown 2 live accounts during those times from the fact that I had no concrete method of taking trades, I was just taking trades because of a hunch. Although those blown accounts were frustrating and gave me a lot of stress, I never let it get me down. I was still persistent in pursuing the dream of becoming a professional forex trader. So I worked hard for months, while shedding tears and sweat that helped kept me going further. Although I would not say that I have achieved the success I have always yearned for, I am sure I am at the first steps of it.

Hello everyone! This is actually @tfxtapprentice.

The reason why I am changing my username (hopefully for the last time. lol) into @persistent_jfx is because of the change I have started to see in myself.

No longer am I that person that is unhappy and frustrated.

I have transitioned in to a better, stronger, and more mature person.

Most importantly a more disciplined trader.

And I would owe all of this to ThatFXTrader.

His lessons changed my life, the way I traded and the way I made decisions.

Let me start by sharing how I used to take my trades before I met the man himself.

Back then, I was that confident, cocky and arrogant man that stood in front of the markets thinking to myself “this is going to be easy”.

I believed that I was going to be able to follow where price is moving because I had just finished closing some winning trades on a demo account. I thought to myself that it was finally time for me to do this on a whole new level by opening a live account.

My first account blew up after a month. I was distressed by the fact that almost all my trades then were not going well. I had to change the way I approached the forex market.

So I decided to learn more about different trading strategies.

Then I stumbled upon what I believed to be my life-changing catalyst which were trading indicators. There were so many to choose from but I chose a select few that I thought would be great for my trading strategy and

I thought that these indicators would show me the way.

Using these on all the trades I took next, I opened a new live account.

My second account blew up again. This may not be surprising for a lot of professional traders out there. I would be what they called a “cocky trader”.

I had depended too much on indicators for my trades.

It was part of a trading strategy but it wasn’t a stable one.

I had more losses than wins. Adding the fact that I would in some times disregard my risk management and up my lot sizes.

Resulting in a chaotic trading situation.

At that moment, I knew I needed change.

I couldn’t do this anymore. I wanted to become a profitable trader and my methods at the time were not helping me.

That was when I decided to take ThatFXTrader’s Full Volume Training Course. As I have shared on my first blog post, this course changed the way I traded. How? Well, let me explain in further detail.

At the last quarter of 2017, I had recorded all the trades I took.

Which were 2 winning trades and 11 losing trades.

Note that these were only the ones I had kept track of,

I’m sure I had more losses that year because of my blown account.

(This is a trade I took December of 2017)

I finished the 1 on 1 session’s at the start of 2018.

I recorded all trades done from February to December 2018.

For almost a whole year I traded on a demo account.

Back testing for months and perfecting the strategy.

And these are the results: 31 wins and 10 losses.

I want you guys to bear in mind that I was trading on and off during these months. You could not even call this part-time trading. I took trades occasionally. What I did not stop doing were the chart-work and I can truly see what the course had done for me.

If I did this full-time then I don’t know how many more winning trades I might have gotten at the time.

I came from being a trader that used complicated methods of taking trades into a simple-minded one. Learning price action trading from the best in the business and giving me the proper guidance really paid off.

No longer do I use those “guaranteed pips” indicators.

No longer do I take a trade based on a hunch.

I have learned to choose the best low risk setups with the highest win probabilities.

Transitioning in to a trader that treats the markets not as an enemy but as an opportunity.

(This is how I do my chart analysis now. Simple and uncomplicated)

I have been an apprentice of ThatFxTrader for almost 2 years now and

in my heart I will always be his apprentice.

He is a mentor that anyone entering this industry would die for.

I consider myself one of the lucky students to have him as my teacher.

Together with the support I have received from his numerous students,

I would not have reached where I am today.

This 2019, I will record all my trades diligently. I will take trades every month and by the end of the year I will show my results to everyone.

I will show everyone what persistence brings in your life.

That is the end of this blog post.

If you reached the end then I thank you for reading my story.

Again, stay tuned for more content.

Big things are coming this 2019!

You can bet on ThatFxTrader to show you that.

Follow my forex journey on Instagram @persistent_jfx

Or send me a message on Telegram if you ever need anything.

Thank you and have a great trading day!

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