Is it possible to achieve 300-600 pips per week from The Exchange?

Legends. How are you doing!

Besart here from @TheHonestFx,

and here to discuss with you some details about "The Exchange".

Albert had discussed with me this new idea (The Exchange) back in October in which I was more than happy to jump on board.

I knew the idea was going to be good,

but I didn’t know how powerful it would turn out to be.

Since working within "The Exchange" for the last 3 months,

I have seen some incredible things come out of it,

however I feel many of you who follow the movement don’t quite understand how powerful "The Exchange" truly is.

Based on the title, I don’t want people thinking it’s as simple as it may seem,

but I want to show the exact details of what I have seen so far and

how it is possible to make 300-600 pips per week.


Before you start trading in the forex market,

I recommend to all of you to GET EDUCATED FIRST.

I have no sympathy for people who want to trade in the forex market without having the proper education and knowledge.

Investing in your education is the first step you need to take in order to have the ability to obtain 300-600 pips per week, because you need to learn in detail how the market moves, how to create proper analysis as well as entering and exiting within the market in a proficient manner.

If you’re in need of the right material and want to move in the same path that I have,

Then I suggest to take the Full Volume Forex Training Course,

Live interactive Group Sessions or the 1-1 Live Interactive Training from ThatFxTrader.

ThatFxTrader has created a platform designed to teach everyone and anyone how to trade within the forex market. He has services that fit the needs of any student,

no matter your learning style.

But listen when I say this, YOU NEED TO GET EDUCATED FIRST.


After you invest in your education,

choose the top 5 currency pairs that you would like to follow and analyze them on a consistent basis. Every single week, you need to follow up and make technical analysis only to those 5 currency pairs.

You need to learn and understand how those currency pairs move and what causes them to be affected and any other variable associated to those pairs.

The chances to analyze all currency pairs is very low and simply unnecessary.

Looking at a few selected pairs in the market will allow you to feel more confident through time in the markets as well as gain more control of your time in an uncontrollable game.


After you have chosen your top 5 currency pairs,

choose another 15 currency pairs that you are having trouble with when you are making analysis on them or generally having trouble understanding their price movements, then follow these pairs on “The Exchange”.

So while you have your top pairs, you have additional 15 pairs that you can use for refrence as well as compare

So the question is how to use this service right?

Well to put it simply,

the best way to use this service is by getting your top 5 pairs and additional 15 pairs. Afterwards check your analysis on them,

then compare it with the analysis that is sent out on “The Exchange”.

The professional traders work full time to send out updates on the different pairs daily.

By having a comparison with your own charts you will be able to figure out your weak points while doing your mark-ups and have the chance to improve on them.

Since you get the updates the whole trading week, this will enable you to improve consistently and most importantly efficiently.


How do you catch the pips?

Well it’s pretty simple,

we focus on winning through trading short-term and not long-term.

Every time an update is sent out,

included are the targets where the pair should break & retest,

in order to continue to a certain direction.

This predicted direction then makes you see the possibility of the pair having a movement of 100-200 pips.

However, we have to bear in mind that the goal is...

TO GET 20% of the movement 80% of the time

NOT 80% of the movement 20% of the time.

Hence, the "30-50 pips target".

ALL you have to do is to add alerts on the key level, wait for the retest & take the entry. Simple as that.

Updates on “The Exchange” are done every day two times per day.

You will always get updates for your 20 pairs wherein you will always have the chance to take any entry.

When you have set up 20 currency pairs that you follow up on,

5 from your own technical analysis & 15 from “The Exchange”,

make a target for every currency pair regarding pips.

Let’s say if you have taken 10 positions and you got 35 pips each,

you already have made 350 pips.

Again, why am I saying 30-50 pips?

Let me show you some examples:

Based on all of the currency pairs that I have followed,

the average range of all currency pairs movement within a week is 170 Pips.

This means that during the whole week (by moving a pair up and down)

the pair has been moving in a range of 170 pips,

which then makes the chances to take 30-50 pips per trade,

much higher rather than targeting 200 pips per trade.

To be more specific, I have chosen two pairs,

which are EURGBP and GBPAUD.

These are the results from “The Exchange”:

A. In the image below, is an example of the pair EURGBP,

wherein you can see this pair has moved in a range of 244 pips.

You can see that by breaking that red line, and if you would take a short position,

you would be able to approximately get 125 pips.

So is it possible to make 30-50 pips on the trade?

100% YES.

(Reference chart analysis from “THE EXCHANGE” January 23, 2019)

(Reference chart analysis from “THE EXCHANGE” January 24, 2019)

B. Let’s have another example, GBPAUD in the past week moved in a 608 pip range, where you can see that if you took the entry after the break and retest,

you could take approximately catch 370 pips only on this trade.


So is it possible to make 30-50 pips on the trade?

100% YES.

(Reference chart analysis from “THE EXCHANGE” January 19, 2019)

(Reference chart analysis from “THE EXCHANGE” January 22, 2019)

(Reference chart analysis from “THE EXCHANGE” January 23, 2019)

GBPAUD and EURGBP are only 2 of 20 currency pairs showing an example of how a movement can occur and where you could have the opportunity to catch pips.

All you need to have is a SIMPLE APPROACH.

With this strategy, you can make a minimum of 300 pips per week.

If you get the proper education about forex and

let's say you choose to study under ThatFXTrader,

make sure to follow all the rules that he provides in his course.

FINALLY, if you follow “The Exchange” and

learn from the analysis of professional traders.

Then with a strategy that focuses on risk management and price action analysis,

the idea of 300 to 600 pips a week would not be so far-fetched.



In order for you to be profitable,

it would be best to set alerts on all levels of the currency pairs that you follow.

You cannot stay 24/7 on the charts.

Create these alerts on different apps that you can download for your phone.

Platforms such as ThinkorSwim, Investing, Fx Alerts, etc. all have the function to save your alerts on the different currency pairs you manage.

Afterwards, anticipate the updates that will be done from "The Exchange",

where you will receive technical analysis and

an additional explanation through a voice message, then from these updates,

you can make alerts on all the levels that are targeted to make an entry.

Also, in order to be sure that you won’t miss any opportunity,

follow up on your analysis every 3 or 4 hours.

Following up on all analysis (20 currency pairs) won’t take more than 20 minutes, because you need to learn in detail how every currency pair moves and

how many pips would you need to achieve before reaching your target.

Hopefully, by following all these steps I have provided, doing so won't be too difficult.


You need to be consistent if you want to achieve all of this.

You need to dedicate the time to always do some technical analysis.

For 7 currency pairs, I dedicate approximately 5 hours of creating technical analysis, because I want to be sure that I am adding every level in the proper way.

I want be sure that my analyses are highly accurate and

that I don’t need to edit them during the week.

So for all of you who are hustling and want to reach success, follow this plan.

I believe that if you follow this plan, 2019 for you will be the most successful year.

I am ready to make the consistent growth & success this 2019. Are you?

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