I Bet Every Trader Has Experienced This!

Hi everyone it’s Jayson again.

On this blog post, I will be sharing a situation that

most professional traders have probably experienced in their careers as well.

Which is “letting sudden emotions get the best of you”.

What do I mean by this?

I will be explaining this through a list of events that I have recently experienced.

Which are:

1. Having a bad reaction over a loss

2. Being driven by pressure

3. Finding a new method or trying to change my trading strategy

4. Finally letting my emotions get the best out of me

This list will then be followed by

a series of steps wherein you can overcome the same situation!

Let’s get to it!

1. Having a bad reaction over a loss

So I about a few days ago before writing this post, I entered 3 trades.

2 sell entries on AUD/USD and 1 sell entry on EURJPY.

All of them were losses.

A few weeks ago before this, I had incurred some other losses as well.

Initially, I did not give any thought to it as I had expected how much I would lose if the trades ever went the opposite way.

But it was after that day which changed my reaction.

Looking at my charts again, I saw that my first 2 entries on AUD/USD were actually on point due to my technical analysis.

The reason I lost the trades was because I did not trust my analysis and

I had closed them too early. I gained the fear of losing more.

That was when the gates of my emotions were opened.

2. Being driven by pressure

Because of the loss, I started to doubt myself.

This was because of the loss and

the fact that the people around me now knew that I am a forex trader.

I was ashamed by the fact of letting my emotions get in to play during this trade.

As an up and coming professional trader I knew this was unacceptable.

That was why I would beat myself up and

tell myself that I wasn’t getting anything right.

3. Finding a new method or trying to change my trading strategy

Due to this, not only did I doubt myself,

I had begun to doubt my trading strategy as well.

I started looking for more ways to get back those losses.

To try and improve myself.

Well, that was what I believed I was doing at the time.

But what I was actually doing was “trying to prove myself”.

4. Finally letting my emotions get the best out of me

Now we are at the point of me giving full control to my emotions.

At this moment I have basically started to stop trading to prevent more damage.

I have come to a realization that what I was doing was unhealthy.

To avoid making my situation into more of a chaotic one,

I decided to take a break and seek out help.

I went on a call with my mentor ThatFxTrader and

of these four points that I told him I was having difficulty with,

he pointed four essential points that counteracted them:

1. Weigh your wins and losses

This point was one of the most important.

I was being anchored by a few losses.

But I have forgotten that the start of the year 2019 has been one of my best runs in forex trading yet. I managed to catch 1,000 pips on January alone.

Not to mention that the year before,

I had accumulated enough experience to get back into the live trading game.

No one is perfect, losses will always be part of trading.

We treat this profession as a business and as like any other business in the world,

we incur losses. It’s how we get back those losses and turn them in to bigger wins.

Only when you have more losses than wins,

should you re-assess and doubt.

2. Be driven by goals

We all feel pressure at our most important moments in life.

But we should view this pressure in a more positive light.

If we do the opposite then it creates more harm to us.

Be driven by goals.

At the end of the day, remember the reason why you are moving forward.

Professional traders will always get losses.

I should not have doubted myself and should have seen this as a part of my career.

3. Don’t change the strategy. Change your behavior and trust the process.

The forex trading strategy that I have gained from ThatFxTrader gave me my edge.

The moment I started to try to change it, the losses added.

If I had not tried to change the strategy with no clear path,

then the losses might have not happened at all.

As I said in the first point,

I gained a strategy that helped me catch more than a 1000 pips.

Looking back now, I find it incredibly ridiculous that I felt the way I did.

4. Let go of or control your emotions.

This is one of the important,

if not the most important thing to do when you start trading professionally.

We would often hear this from successful traders.

But what does this mean exactly?

Trading goes against everything we have learned as a human being.

Which is being human.

Our life is based on decisions we make to satisfy our emotions.

But in trading we have to remove that entirely. Why?

Because adding emotions in to the mix doesn’t end well.

It actually amplifies a lot of emotions, mostly negative, instead.

Such as…



Desire or Greed


And the list goes on!

Yes, it does amplify happiness as well.

Who wouldn’t be happy having a successful trading, right?

But if we do not put these emotions in check then it could lead us to the path we were trying to avoid in the first place.

Let go of your emotions rather control them at a desirable level while trading.

On a level that does not make you overly happy or overly sad.

“It might even be better to trade like a robot!!”

as my mentor ThatFxTrader likes to say.

Key points:

1. Weigh your wins and losses

2. Be driven by goals

3. Don’t change the strategy. Change your behavior and trust the process.

4. Let go of or control your emotions.

Having a mentor that has experienced the same thing truly helps.

Without one, I don't think I would even be close to being a professional trader.

I could not have learned to be level-headed if it weren't for ThatFxTrader.

I hope this helps a lot of you out there!

If it does then please share this to people you think would absolutely need it.

Again, stay tuned for more content!

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Thank you and have a great trading day!

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