From Being A Blank Page To Becoming A Full Time Trader: How I Started My Full Time Journey From Scra

Hello All! My name is Besart from TheHonestFx. I am a regular person just like all others where I was seeking to make a change in my life in which luckily I found the Forex Market. This is how my story came all about.

It all started from Instagram. I saw a lot of people who were constantly showing their trading positions and their profit. From then, I was interested to learn more on how they were doing it and how it was possible to be this consistent. For me in the beginning it looked impossible, but as I saw more people trading within the forex market, I began to become more curious.

Then, I started researching different companies where It would be possible to learn how to trade. On all the Instagram pages, I noticed that all of them were showing their profit constantly, showing their cars, showing their holiday, showing their luxury lifestyle, which in the beginning gave me the impression that I would reach this lifestyle very fast If I start learning to trade Forex.

After all my research, suddenly (and luckily) I went to ThatFxTrader, and I was really surprised from his page, because this person is not showing his profits, is not showing the lifestyle or cars, is not showing his luxury holidays, but, is constantly publishing charts and student success stories. Honestly, I was surprised why this page was different from the others, and, I messaged him those exact words: “Hello. I am interested to learn forex trading. I am interested to learn from the basic and also I am interested to know where can I get signals. Is it possible to guide me what to do and services do you offer?”. Those words, are my first steps of the forex market.

I paid for the 1-1 training and started learning how to trade forex market with ThatFxTrader. When I started, I didn`t know anything about the Forex Market. I told ThatFxTrader that I am a blank page and I want to know how to become professional Forex Trader.

Honestly, I have never seen a person like ThatFxTrader before. He was and is still constantly supporting to learn all methodologies of Forex Market. He explain every detail in a simple approach, that for me, there was never a chance that I needed to tell him that I don’t understand anything from him. ThatFxTrader told me one important element “Forex Market is not a get quick rich scheme, it is a marathon where you need to be disciplined, emotionless, manage risk properly & have faith in your technical analysis”.

After we have finished all Skype calls, I firstly started trading on demo account, because I wanted to learn how am I adapting to the Forex market. As every beginner, I also had some difficulties on how to progress in the Forex Market, because I had difficulties in the emotional side. I had to train myself a lot from an emotional perspective on how to handle when I am trading in the Forex Market. Why I had problem on my emotional side? Because I was constantly seeing posts on Instagram that they are always just in profit, and then, when I saw my positions in minus, I was feeling completely crazy. Luckily, ThatFxTrader helped me a lot in this aspect. He guided me on every situation how do I need to deal with my emotions. There were situations, that I haf 2 hour calls with ThatFxTrader just to help me out in my emotional side. What I have learned so far about Forex Market, is that you need to be emotionless, otherwise, you are not for the forex market. This was an important step to pass, and luckily I passed through the constant support of my lifetime mentor ThatFxTrader.

Recently, I have just started my full time journey. This would have never been possible without the constant support of my wife, my family and the unlimited support of ThatFxTrader. ThatFxTrader has showed me that everything in life is possible. I believe that there is not any other advanced method of how to learn Forex Market except ThatFxTrader's course. Because this course has helped me to learn all necessary tools how to trade on Forex Market, to a guy who was a blank page to start the Forex Market, that is simply amazing.

I say very often to my mentor ThatFxTrader “If there is a way to show to people what I have in mind about and how I was able to learn about Forex Market, Im pretty sure that not thousand, but millions of people would learn from you”.

I hope that by my story, I am able to help people around the world to have the proper education & the right mindset of Forex Market through ThatFxTrader. If anyone is interested to talk & know more about me, follow my Instagram page @TheHonestFx, because one thing I know for sure, big movements are coming for the following years.

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