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The calendar used by traders for the purpose of tracking the occurrence or market moving events. The weekly released fundamental data will affect the direction of the market and influence an aggressive or passive approach. 


A PIP calculator is a tool created to show the traders the value of each PIP based on his/her current position size. 



A tool to show traders the type of position size he/she should be using based on given parameters the trader sets for their account. 

Advanced Real-Time Chart Widget

Powerful charting solution traders use to search any financial instrument and create an analysis. This tool has thousands of features beneficial to all traders. 

Forex Heat Map

The map shows traders which currencies are at their strongest or weakest in reference to buying and selling. This allows traders to distinguish the consolidated currencies from the non consolidated. 

Market Data

Here you can view the most liquid traded currencies within the Forex market which represent the seven major currency pairs traded in the world.